Chicken Rescue


iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad





End Boss Games

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Game Features

Chicken Mama needs your help to find her lost chicks. They’ve gone missing from the chicken coop and Mama has gone out to find them. Help her navigate through 24 fun-fllled, colorful levels as you tilt and turn your way around challenges and dangers in this accelerometer-based arcade puzzler for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

  • Tilt-based gameplay that takes advantage of your iOS device’s accelerometer, giving you a fun and different way of navigating the game’s challenges and puzzles.
  • 24 levels filled with collectibles, pickups, and puzzles that start out easy and get progressively harder.
  • Multiple challenges to maneuver past such as rocks, crates, prickly plants, pushy pigs, and stinging bees. And don’t fall into the water surrounding the later levels or it’s game over!
  • Earn points and coins for completing levels with skill and accuracy.
  • Challenge friends for high scores with Game Center leaderboards.
  • Tons of upgrades for Chicken Mama to make her faster, give her more health to survive stings and cactii, and make it easier for her to find hidden pickups and coins.
  • Nine skins to unlock, like Robot Chicken, Ninja Chicken, and Zombie Chicken, that give Mama fresh new looks and cool new abilities.
  • Supports the latest iOS tech. Universal app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with retina display support and iOS 5 iCloud saving.