Light Byte






iPod touch





Steven Pastro

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Game Features

Classic arcade-puzzle gameplay, memory recall, and color matching come together in Light Byte, an innovative new puzzle game with a twist. As the colored blocks descend down the screen, you must clear them by matching blocks of the same color. Match a string of blocks and you’ll unlock powerups and the all-powerful Frenzy mode! But as you progress, the colors start to fade, so you’ll also need to use your memory in addition to your fast reflexes to clear them. Easy to grasp, yet challenging at the same time, Light Byte is a quick and addictive puzzle game you won’t want to put down.


  • Simple tap-to-shoot controls: Shoot the blocks as they descend; chain together the same colored blocks to clear them.
  • Memory gameplay: Blocks fade quickly so you’ll need to remember their colors!
  • Frenzy Mode: Chain together 8 blocks of the same color to enter Frenzy mode and score even more points.
  • Five colors: Three starting colors – red, blue, yellow – with green and purple blocks to unlock as you play.
  • Upgradeable power ups:¬†Use powerups (one for each color) to help you stay alive. Each can be upgraded to a super version if you advance far enough in the game.
  • Multiple game modes, including Endless Mode, Full Byte Mode, and three versions of Time Attack
  • Endless Mode: In this mode, you start with 3 colors but advance through the levels to unlock new colors (up to 5) as the descending blocks get progressively faster.
  • Full Byte Mode: Endless mode with all 5 colors unlocked from the beginning.
  • Time Attack Normal, Challenge, and Extreme:¬†Score as many points as you can in 60-seconds.
  • Game Center leaderboards and achievements so you can compete against friends and yourself