Sandstorm Interactive

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Game Features

Mailmen just want to pick up and deliver the mail in Greenville’s leafy suburbs. They also like to avoid being bitten by angry guard dogs! Luckily Johnny, Charlie, and Dave can use teamwork and special abilities to stay safe. There are even exclusive rewards if they complete all objectives in a level – but watch out for canine combatants determined to stop them!

  • Stay stealthy and avoid guard dogs of all sizes: Every breed of dog – from chihuahua to doberman – has a view cone that allows them to spot a poor mailman. It’s important to plan a path, and react calmly if a dog gives chase!
  • Use strategy and teamwork to solve clever puzzles: Fear not if there’s too much for a single mailman to take on – mailman team-mates are always willing to help out and offer a solution.
  • Bags of special abilities to amaze and amuse: Every mailman has special abilities to get out of a jam, or to cleverly access a secret area or hidden item. They’re all enjoyable to use and fun to play around with whether it’s a sunny day or gloomy night!
  • Find secret pick-ups and hidden areas: Anyone willing to use all of their abilities and awareness will discover numerous secrets around Greenville – rewards are there for the taking!
  • Access saved games on multiple devices using iCloud: Never mind if you’ve saved your game on a friend’s iPad you want to continue on your own device. Access your save game instantly via iCloud and play away to your heart’s content!