BigBot Smash!







Andrew Wang

Release Date:




Game Features

A fun, pick-up-and-play arcade romp starring giant robots, a global playground, and lots of destruction. But the twist here is you play the rampaging robots.

  • Stylized cartoon graphics. A fully 3D world but with a retro, cartoon style.
  • Fun pick-up-and-play gameplay. Tap to shoot or smash, and tilt or swipe to move. Then watch the buildings and humans fall by the wayside.
  • Three distinct robots to control: the tough and stoic Blockbot; swift, wheel-riding Cyclobot, and hovering Grimbot.
  • Collect upgrade parts and advance your robot to lethal heights. Build upgrades like the Death Ray, Antimatter Pulse, and the “5 Million Angry Hamsters” power source.
  • Over 20 different cities to smash through, with unique city music that puts you in a globetrotting mood.
  • Extra game modes: Survival, which pits you against an ever-growing wave of angry and powerful human enemies, and Speed Demolition, where you try to demolish more and more cities in record time.
  • Multiple control methods: guide your robot rampage via simple swipe controls or by tilting your device.