Escape from Age of Monsters







Massive Joe

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It’s the Age of Monsters, and hideous creatures from all corners of the multiverse have descended upon Earth to make it their personal playground. No one is safe from the aliens, zombies, and other unspeakable horrors that have taken over. Our hero, Gizzard, would love nothing more than to hide out in a hole, but the magical gloves sought him out, as did the orphans, and now he has no choice but to run. Help Gizzard and the orphans Escape from Age of Monsters!


  • Run through crumbling buildings to escape the skittering monster hordes
  • Punch through walls, using the right glove and rhythmic timing, to blast through the obstacles and keep running; stumble and someone gets eaten
  • Clap with both magic gloves to collect bonus items and powerups
  • The kids are your “lives;” they’re trailing behind you and each kid that gets eaten means the monsters are one step closer to making you dinner.
  • Jump from building to building, with each new building upping the pace and intensity of your running and punching
  • Boss levels with gargantuan, fiery slug monsters; beat them senseless and then explode out past their squishy insides
  • Compete against friends via Game Center to see who can run the farthest and clear the most buildings
  • Finish objectives to earn items that you can use to collect for your gloves’ Stash House
  • Featuring art from Jeff Matsuda, Emmy award winning Producer and Creative Director of The Batman cartoon
  • With original music from The Binges, one of LA’s hottest up and coming metal bands