Mister Smith & His Adventures


iPhone/iPad/iPod touch






Steven McDade

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Game Features

Dive into the action-packed comedy adventures of Mister Smith, where you choose your own destiny!

Mister Smith & His Adventures contains a treasure-trove of comedy stories to play! You make the decisions … you affect the storyline. Be clever or dumb. Be kind or evil. Be logical or don’t make any sense at all – the choice is yours! What’s more important: your date or your phone? Who would you save from a fire: yourself, your cat, or your stamp collection? What is the capital of France? Oh yes – there’s also trivia quizzes! Everybody loves quizzes!

You make choices for Mister Smith and experience the consequences of those decisions! It’s not even complicated (if you have a working brain) to control the plot. You’re presented with options, you pick one, and experience the (often hilarious, we promise) consequences of your decisions.

Now, let’s get to the groundbreaking features:

– Mister Smith is easy to pick up and play, anywhere!

– Trivia questions in quizzes against the clock, earn points and prizes!

– Laugh constantly (if you like to laugh, and who doesn’t?) at incredible choices and outcomes!

– Play in appropriate locations (do not play at somebody’s funeral, unless you really didn’t like the person)

– Showcase the amazing results of your actions on Twitter and Facebook, to earn respect, adulation and love from your friends (and other people you kind of know on social media but don’t often talk to … you’d say hello if you saw them, but you wouldn’t go round to their house for a coffee … or even know their address)

– Loads of achievements to show your intelligence, ineptitude and possible insanity.

– Mister Smith & His Adventures is a game by wannabe comedy writer, Steven McDade (