About Ayopa Games

About Ayopa Games San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Who We Are

Ayopa Games is a leading independent game publisher for mobile platforms focusing on quality, fun and innovation. We created this company so that we could share our love of innovative games with our fellow gamers and to help independent developers succeed in an increasingly competitive industry.

We know you play lots of games and have unlimited entertainment options. So it takes something special to earn your attention. That’s why we promise to deliver something innovative in every game we publish, whether that’s a unique art style, a twist on a classic concept, or any other magical element that delights and entertains.

We’re lifelong gamers who believe games should be fun and engaging for everyone, and the games we publish reflect that belief to the core.

Where We’re Located

Ayopa Games was founded in the beautiful and cosmopolitan San Francisco Bay Area, where the top gaming companies, press outlets, and tech businesses make their home. We also have a Europe/Asia office based in the UK to ensure we cover all key global territories. From our HQ office in downtown San Francisco, we’re just a short jaunt from Apple, Google, and our other partners in the mobile game space.

About Our Team


Johnny Coghlan
Over the past 15 years Johnny has overseen the signing, development, launch and commercial success of many hit games at leading games companies in the U.S. and Europe, including Chillingo, Ubisoft, SEGA of America, Storm8 and TeamLava.  Johnny’s career began in the UK as a videogames journalist at IGN and Future Publishing before he made the move to the U.S., where he held major PR and marketing positions at Blue Byte Software, Ubisoft and SEGA of America. While there he worked on new IP, major licensed brands and hit arcade properties with talented developers and industry visionaries.

As Head of Publishing at Chillingo, Johnny led the company from a small independent mobile games company into a powerhouse mobile publisher that was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2010. While at Chillingo, Johnny led the signing of new developers, oversaw games development and liaised directly with Apple/Google/Sony/etc while also directing all PR and marketing activities. Most recently, Johnny was VP of Business Development at Storm8 and TeamLava, where he oversaw all business ventures for the company’s top social free-to-play games on iOS and Android.

Now, Johnny has co-founded Ayopa Games with his great friend and respected former colleague, Elliott Chin. Currently based in the U.K., Johnny heads up the office handling European and Asian contacts along with the North and South American developers working with Ayopa Games.


Elliott Chin
A 16-year veteran of the videogame industry, Elliott has played key roles in editorial, public relations, marketing, product development and business management at leading media, gaming and hardware companies.

As a journalist, Elliott saw first-hand how the best world’s developers crafted AAA games, first as an editor at Computer Gaming World and then as executive editor at GameSpot. He then made the leap to game publishing first as PR manager on Blizzard’s World of Warcraft and then as Director of Marketing at SEGA, where he led the branding and marketing efforts behind all of SEGA’s core console and PC titles.

Before co-founding Ayopa Games, Elliott was Head of Worldwide Product Marketing for Logitech’s Gaming Hardware division, where he led a US$200 million business to record growth and profits by streamlining the portfolio and focusing on high-growth areas in emerging markets such as China. Having secured Logitech’s position as the #1 gaming peripheral company, Elliott left to form Ayopa Games with good friend and business partner, Johnny Coghlan.