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Game Features

Your bullets are your worst enemy in Don’t Shoot Yourself!, the addictive and unique new puzzle shoot-’em-up for iOS devices. Use one finger to move the hero around the screen while constantly firing bullets, avoiding your deadly ammunition to stay alive! Sounds easy right? Think again – you’ll need quick reflexes and some creative strategy to reach the next fiendishly designed level.

  • Multiple Wall Types – The walls around you can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Bullets react to the many different surfaces they collide with such as portals, invisible walls, and fiendish targeting barriers that snipe at you, so plan ahead and try to aim in the right direction!
  • 50 Themed Levels – With minimalist modern visuals inspired by artist Damien Hirst, Don’t Shoot Yourself! showcases themes such as arcade classics, natural beauty, vicious circles, and extra-tough “Boss” levels.
  • Infinite ModeShowcase your survival skills in Infinite Mode, where the levels come at random and without stopping. Truly the ultimate mode for shmup addicts to prove themselves!
  • Share Replays with Friends – Whether you succeed or fail, you can share a movie of your experience with friends via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or email.
  • Listen and Learn – The expertly designed game soundtrack reacts when you make a mistake. Listen out and learn to react as soon as the audio starts getting nasty!
  • Get Hints from the Game – Don’t Shoot Yourself! isn’t always trying to make you shoot yourself. The game offers hints and advice (and even moral support!) in case you feel bad at yet another failure. Just one more go, that’s all it will take … right?
  • Left-Handed Option – We don’t discriminate; play with whichever hand you like!