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Quest with your friends in Pocket Heroes, a multiplayer role-playing game for iOS that brings social, co-op gameplay to classic dungeon crawling. As an exclusively social experience, Pocket Heroes will reward gamers for playing with friends, with bigger bonuses for bigger parties. Add in classic RPG elements like leveling, unique classes, and tons of gear and loot, and you have a winning formula for mobile gamers eager to take their role-playing social.


  • Quest with friends: Play cooperatively with up to three friends to solve quests, slay monsters, and experience an epic fantasy adventure, one turn at a time.
  • Built for cooperative play: Special features, like in-game chatting and bonus loot and xp for big parties, make adventuring in Pocket Heroes as social and fun as possible.
  • Hand-crafted quests:  Each level is hand-crafted to engage you further into the adventure, revealing triggered events and objects to interact with.
  • A variety of character classes:  Play as one of six unique characters at launch, with more to come in subsequent updates. At the outset, choose from the dwarven mechie, human paladin, elf rogue, lunar priestess, and more.
  • Over 20 different enemy types:  Fight rat-faced “vermen,” spiders, skeletons, ogres, and more, each with their own abilities and attack styles.
  • Explore the World of Altair: In the first chapter alone you’ll travel through vibrant forests, murky caves, dark crypts and desert temples.
  • Retro Graphics: Pocket Heroes features retro-style graphics that recall old 8-bit console RPGs, bringing a light-hearted nostalgic visual style to this modern, co-op role-playing experience.
  • Game Center achievements and matchmaking: Invite your Game Center friends on quests or make new friends with Game Center matchmaking. For the competitive gamer, compete with friends with scores and achievements.