MacGuffin’s Curse Now Available!

The much-awaited launch of MacGuffin’s Curse is here! At last, you can download and play the award-winning “werewolf comedy puzzle-adventure” from crack Australian developer, Brawsome. Fantastic early reviews of 4.5 out of 5 on App-Shack and 8.5 out of 10 on Capsule Computers show its quality. Why not check out the highly unusual new launch trailer (kind of) featuring gaming legends Tim Shafer, Dave Grossman and Ron Gilbert? It’s laugh-out-loud funny! That’s not all – MacGuffin’s Curse also has an unbelievable 60% OFF launch sale price right now, grab it while you can …

MacGuffin’s Curse Unleashed on Slide To Play

A new Slide to Play podcast has posted online, including a great chat with genius developers of the upcoming werewolf-comedy-puzzle-adventure, MacGuffin’s Curse. Andrew Goulding and Ben Kosmina talk about balancing puzzles, storytelling and much more. Head over to Slide to Play now and hear the full scoop for yourself!