Escape from Age of Monsters Update Available Now

Escape from Age of Monsters is about to get bigger, badder, and better. Ayopa Games is proud to announce that the 1.1 update for the visually stunning endless runner now available for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

We’ve jammed a stash house worth of features into this new release! Among the goodies are:

–       Brand new flyby items to unlock: enable these powerups and they will appear as pop-ups in game. Upgrade to increase their power.

o   Coin Converter: Changes all your pop-ups to money bags for a set time

o   Bonus Collector: Automatically “swipes” all pop-up items for a set time

o   Boost Forward: Boosts you forward through walls for a set distance

o   Coins Multiplier: Turns your coins into double or triple value after a certain distance

–       New extra lives: The baby monsters have defected! Now you can get a baby Yeti or Alien as an extra life and have up to six lives!

–       New player-activated powerups: Use them at the start of each building to give yourself an advantage.

o   Headstart: you can get a head start past building 1, or all the way to the first slug monster

o   Resurrection: When activated, this will bring you back to life if you die in that building

–       Double Turbo and Turbo Heaven: If you can stay in turbo mode long enough, you get to Double Turbo for a sweet 3x multiplier. Stay even longer and Turbo Heaven gives you a whopping 5x multiplier!

–       New buildings: brand new buildings for you to jump between!

–       Rebalanced pop-up spawning to create more variety

–       Tweaked punching and swiping sensitivity

To top it all off, we’re also offering both the standard and HD versions of the game for FREE when the new update hits. So now there is no reason not to experience the awesome running gameplay of Escape from Age of Monsters.

Of course, we’re very appreciative of the early adopters who helped make Escape a success when it first launched. So those who already bought the game will be awarded with over 20,000 coins worth of in-game boosts and powerups, including bonus lives, all new flyby items already unlocked, and some new player-activated powerups already in their stash (that amounts to roughly $5 of IAP that we’re gifting existing players).